Family History

Great Great Grandparents

I am gradually researching the lives of my eight great-great-grandfathers.

Memoirs and Biographies

Seaton Phillips (my father) has published two volumes of memoirs:
A Family in Africa
From South Wales to New South Wales by Train

W.L.C. Phillips (my grandfather) wrote his memoirs of 1895-1925, which I have published.
My First Thirty Years

David E.T. Pennant (my grandfather) wrote two volumes of memoirs (printed privately)
– Pennant Papers
– Insects in Amber (with Pyers Pennant)

I have published biographies of my great-great-grandfathers:
Thomas Phillips and Richard Laybourne

Other Family History Links

Research by my uncle David Pennant:
David E.T. Pennant (my grandfather) photo gallery and newspaper cuttings
Sir John Stainer (my great-great-grandfather) organist of St Paul’s London and then Professor of Music at Oxford.
– Pennant Notes (1996, privately printed) to accompany Pennant Family Tree
Other family history featuring the surnames Pearson, Pennant, Rogers, Rhys, Margetson, Cecil, Oldroyd, Mallam, Spearing, Randall and Bessant.

Pennant family paintings and photos by my second cousin Stephen Pennant:
Pennant line to 1850s
Pennants 1850 – 1945

Get in Touch

If your family history overlaps with mine, I’d be very interested to hear from you and to compare notes.