I am exploring my creative side by writing poetry. New poems will be published on this page as I write them. I don’t know how good any of them are, so I’d appreciate your comments!

Thanks, Peter.

My first poetry book ‘Poems from Poole‘ was published in July 2023, available from Amazon in paperback or Kindle format.

Wind over Whitecliff

A strong Sou’Wester, Storm Gerrit, someone’s called it, Harrying over the harbour, Pulsating over the park.
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Ebb Tide Echo

Oscillating calls disrupt the coastal calm: Obstreperous oystercatchers Clashing over the oyster catch?
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Collared Dove, Confused

Diligently She flies down to the garden, She selects the ideal twig, She flies up, twig in beak, She…
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Aerial Conflict

They compete for supremacy of the sky, Two birds together above the trees, One circling sedately on…
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