Spring Peacock

Spring Peacock

Salterns Road, Poole, 31st March, 2024

On the last day of March,
The first warm day of Spring,
She awakens.

Six months she’s spent in the dark,
Tucked in a quiet safe spot,

But now she feels the warmth,
Now she knows the time’s come
To emerge.

Gingerly she crawls out,
Weak and frail, drab and grey,
Like a shadow.

She turns her back and spreads
Her wings as wide as she can
To the sun.

She soaks in the energy,
Gaining succour and strength
From the light.

At first, her flight is weak,
She pauses frequently,
Getting stronger.

Her colour gets stronger too,
Orange, red and azure blue,
Four bold eyes.

Then at last she’s away,
Flying free, flashing bright
And beautiful.

And we see and admire
A marvellous jewel
Of creation.

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