A Tale of Two Birch Trees

A Tale of Two Birch Trees

Salterns Road, Poole, 12th April, 2024

In our garden are two silver birch trees,
Both grew from wind-blown self-sown seeds.
I found the saplings thirty years ago
And transplanted them to where they now grow.

You might say, ‘All silver birches look alike’
And I would concur, for most of the year
But every April, we see that’s not so
Because each spring our two trees grow

The tree on the left is vibrant in green,
Clothed in fresh new leaves, festooned with catkins,
It radiates life and health and happiness,
Its silver bark gleams in the spring sunbeams.

The tree on the right looks drab and bare,
Waiting forlorn in winter nakedness,
No bud, leaf or flower yet unfurled,
Even the bark grey and shabby and dark.

But good things come to those who wait and hope,
And we know that in two weeks time or so
The bare tree too will transform from within,
Sprouting green new life, just like its sliver twin.

And you might say, for the rest of the year,
‘They look just alike’ – and I would concur
Until next April, when we all must know
That in our garden, two birch trees grow

(Note: Both photos taken on the same day.)

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