The Thought Process of an Amateur Birdwatcher

The Thought Process of an Amateur Birdwatcher

Poole Park, 3rd May, 2024

There they were, on the path in front of me,
Cheerfully splashing in a muddy pool:
Two unknown birds, just challenging me to
Identify them.

Fluffy feathers in multicoloured browns
And very wet and well-speckled with mud;
I stopped and stared and pondered, until
Their mother arrived

And then I knew – they were two youngsters
Splashing and paddling in the toddler pool
But happy to pause every now and then
For the food that their mother caught for them
And delivered, beak to beak. So I watched:
A bath to play in, tasty treats from Mum –
Such are the joy-filled, carefree days of
Two young blackbirds!

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