Early Spring in Orchard Avenue

Early Spring in Orchard Avenue

Poole, 29th February, 2024

In every other tree
A robin sings
Staking his claim,
His right to be
Right here
In this tree.

A great tit too
Loudly proclaims
His two-tone, two-tone tune,
Perched on a branch,
Calling for a mate
To join him for
A Spring of fun
And friendship.

His rival though
Is ahead of the game:
No need to call now,
He’s found his soulmate.
The two tits flit
From hedge to hedge
Seeking the spot
For their ideal home.

A sparrow flies up
From hedge to roof
Then disappears from view
Under a ridge tile
Where the mortar
Has crumbled away
To leave a sparrow-sized

He pops out again,
Cheeps once, twice,
And up flies his mate.
Two sparrows pop in,
Making their home
On the corner of
A human home.

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