Love is Patient

Love is Patient

5 July, 2023

Love is patient,
Love is kind.
God is patient,
I am not.

Why am I irritated
By queues, by traffic,
By other people doing just
What I want to do?

Why do I care
About those few seconds
I might be able to save?
What would I do with them?

Can I see each moment
As an opportunity?
To practice patience,
To learn to love?

Will I let God ripen in me
The fruit of his Spirit:
Love, joy, peace,
… and patience?

Can I wait patiently for him,
Not relying on myself,
Not rushing ahead

Will I live in his love,
In the riches of his grace?
Will I show love to others,
In the peace of his patience?

Can I let him turn my
Selfishness to love,
My brooding to joy,
Frustration to patience?

Or will I go on being
Impatient with God
When he doesn’t do
What I want?

Love is patient,
Love is kind,
God is patient
With me.

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