Dandelion Seeds

Dandelion Seeds

13 May, 2023

In the breeze,
Flying, floating,
Dancing, drifting,
Tiny, downy,
tufts of fluff,
Each bearing
A precious package,
A microscopic seed,
Dull, brown,
Almost invisible,
Yet full of potential,
Packed with power
From our Creator
To reproduce
After its kind.
They come to rest
In beds, in lawns,
In cracks between
Paving slabs.
They lie still,
Until woken
By sun and rain,
To send down roots,
To sprout up leaves,
To grow from nothing
Into strong plants,
Nearly impossible
To uproot.
We call it a weed
We wish it away
But why fight it?
Why not enjoy
The miracle of life
That God has packed
Into every tiny
Tuft of fluff
Blowing in the breeze?

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