3 June, 2023

“Ask,” he said,
“Ask and you will receive.
Ask for anything; I will do it.”

In the desert, in days of old,
They asked.
He gave them bread from heaven
In abundance,
Water gushed from the rock
Like a river.

He will supply every need,
From his riches in glory,
Pressed down,
Shaken together,
Running over,
Poured into your lap.

He came to serve,
To suffer,
To bear our sins,
To die.

To be raised,
From the dead,
To ascend into heaven,
To return in glory.

He came to give life,
Abundant life,
Freedom life,
Eternal life.

You have not,
Because you ask not.
You ask and receive not,
Because you ask wrongly.

What shall I ask?
How shall I ask?
Delight in him,
Receive your heart’s desire.

“Ask,” he said,
“Ask, and you will receive.
Seek, and you will find,
Knock, and it will open.”

“Ask,” he said,
“Ask in my name.”

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