A Windy Day in May

A Windy Day in May

Wastor Farm, Lydford, Devon, 4 May, 2023

Trees moan,
Gates creak,
Barns shudder,
Windows rattle.

The wind
Whistles through treetops,
Blasts through hedges,
Whines through wires,
Roars through the wood.

Hazel and birch
Whipped back and forth,
Even oaks and beech
Sway before the onslaught.

Sheep shelter,
Cows huddle,
Deer lie low,
Birds nestle,

Until, eventually,
The wind subsides,
The din dies down,
The countryside quietens,
The meadows lie still.

A debris of torn twigs and
Tender new leaves,
A few broken branches,
Wrenched to the ground,

Blackthorn blossom
Scattered like confetti
among the bluebells.

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