The Gull and the Ball

The Gull and the Ball

Poole Park, 9 February, 2023

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In the park, a herring gull
Found a purple plastic ball.
Pecked at it,
Picked it up in its beak,
Dropped it,
Pecked at it some more.

What did the gull think?
Was the ball edible?
Was it an egg, perhaps,
From a large purple goose?
Or was it just a plaything?
An interesting diversion
To liven up a dull morning?

The gull guarded the ball
Against all comers.
Other gulls, a crow,
All chased vigorously away.
‘This is my ball.
I found it first.
Go away!’

An elderly couple
Stood next to me
Watching the gull.
We took photos.
We asked each other
What it might be thinking.
The gull ignored us,
Intent on its ball.

We parted without answers
And went on our ways.
The gull simply went on
Pecking and probing
Its purple plastic ball.

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